DatingForward Interactive Video

Episode 1: Home Scene


Diarra                         Lexie Tillery
Lucas                          Austin Vega
Nurse                         Megan Westervelt
Pizza Guy                   Jake Haire

Executive Producer                             Dr. Caroline Kingori 
Producer + Interactive Editor            Adonis Durado
Producer                                         Eric S. Williams
Director + Writer                                 Medrine Nyambura 
Production Manager                           Jake Haire
Assistant Director                               Evan Rowland
Cinematographer                                Anastasiia Kulikalova
2nd Assitant Director                         Rebecca Popp
Intimacy Coordinator                         Kaleb Jackson
Key Grip                                               Devin Chen
Art Director                                          Evelyn Jenkins
Grip                                                      Henry Harding
Sound Recordist                             Austin Alford
Sound Recordist +                                Caleb Jewell 
Mixing Engineer +
Sound Designer 

Episode 2: Testing Scene

Diarra                          Lexie Tillery     
Lucas                            Austin Vega
Nurse                           Eryn McVay     

Executive Producer                            Dr. Caroline Kingori 
Producer + Interactive Editor            Adonis Durado
Producer                                             Eric S. Williams
Director + Writer                                Medrine Nyambura 
Assistant Director + Editor                Rebecca Popp
Production Manager                          Jake Haire
Director of Photography                    Megan Westervelt
Sound Recordist +                               Caleb Jewell 
    Mixing Engineer +
    Sound Designer   
Gaffer                                                   Sam Bates
Grip + Assistant Sound                      Kat Frazier
Green Screen Cinematographer       Anastasiia Kulikalova
Green Screen Gaffer                          Devin Chen

Episode 3: Club Scene

Diarra                         Lexie Tillery
Sophia                        Kay Collins
Friend #1                   Alexandra Marusich
Jake                             Holden Evans
Mark                           Timothy Oh
Stranger                     Donald “Avi” Stewart

Executive Producer                              Dr. Caroline Kingori 
Producer + Interactive Editor             Adonis Durado
Producer                                              Eric S. Williams
Director                                                Jake Haire
Writer                                                  Aleksander Rodehaver
Director of Photography                     Anastasiia Kulikalova
Production Manager                           Medrine Nyambura
Gaffer                                                   Devin Chen
Editor                                                   Matthew Gebhart 
Sound recordist +                               Caleb Jewell 
    Mixing engineer +
    Sound designer

Art Director                                         Lydia Ball
Intimacy Coordinator                        Sarah Yorke
Grip                                                     Soheil Goharipour



Caroline Kingori, Editor + Producer
Adonis Durado, Art Director + Producer
Medrine Nyambura, Researcher + Writer
Amanda Weisbrod, Copy Writer
Sarah Andebrhan, Social Media Producer
Emmanuel Ofori, Videographer


This website project would not have been possible without the generous funding of the HIV Intervention Science Training Program for Underrepresented New Investigators (HISTP) at Columbia University. In addition, the DatingForward project was made possible by the generous funding of the Columbus Foundation. I would also like to thank everyone else involved in this website project and the DatingForward Project.